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Raw Material Selection

Yichuang could produce casing with customized materials. But generally speaking, our mobile phone shell, tablet protective cover, and Macbook protective cover are made of high quality PC material, TPU material or ABS material.

The mobile phone covers, protective tablet cases, and laptop covers produced by Yichuan are made from high quality PC, TPU, or ABS materials. Customized materials can also be processed if they are deemed compatible with or capabilities and equipment.

PC material:
PC(Polycarbonate) is a high quality engineering plastic. This material is an excellent choice for the production of phone shells, tablet protective covers, and laptop protective covers. PC material can be processed easily in a variety of colors. What's more, PC material features corrosion-resistance, high hardness, good toughness, and excellent light penetration.

TPU material:
TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane) shares the characteristics of both plastic and rubber materials. Products made from TPU are flexible and soft, yet durable. They also feature oil and water resistance.

TPU material is commonly used for mobile phone shell. The TPU mobile phone shell is flexible making it easy to apply and remove. We can use TPU to produce transparent plastic shells.

ABS material:
Compared with PC and TPU materials, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) has a low cost. However, because it lacks toughness and hardness, customers usually choose the PC+ABS mixed material for their mobile phone shells.

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