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Yichuang is a highly efficient manufacturer of protective plastic covers for electronics, such as mobile phone cases, tablet cases, and laptop covers. We provide customers with fully custom options where we can supply you with samples within 5 business days and complete the full production order within 12 business days.

    1. Tablet Protective Cover
    2. We use raw materials such as TPU, PC, ABS, or other materials upon customer requests. Our company utilizes water transfer technology, IMD technology to precisely carry out product surface processing. At the same time, gold blocking and silver blocking can also be carried out.
    1. Macbook Protective Cover
    2. Yichuang provides customers with customizable notebook casings in a size range of 11, 12, 13, and 15 inches. Customers can choose the casing patterns they want and we will begin production within 5 days.
    1. Computer Mouse Surface Treatment
    2. We are capable of applying surface treatments for computer mouse products with fully customizable designs and finishes. We can process materials like TPU, PC, ABS, or others upon request.

Yichuang offers a wide range of custom designed protective cases and covers since 2008, providing custom manufacturing and packaging service for cell phone cases and tablet covers. The custom service from the step to select materials like Polycarbonate, Thermoplastic Urethane and ABS, with in-mold decoration and water transfer printing process to manufacture quality protective covers. The patterns on the covers can be made by stamping and pressing according to the custom drawings. As we have complete IMD in-mold injection line, and we know the technique to transfer the patterns to the finished products, we provide quality plastic protective case and covers with reasonable prices.