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If you are looking for fully customized plastic electronics cases, look no further than Yichuang! We provide a broad range of customization options for you to choose from.

We mainly provide the protective coverings and surface treatment solutions for your electronic products. Available surface treatment processes includes water transferring, in-mold decoration, gold blocking, silver blocking, rubber oil painting and UV oil painting, etc. They are mainly used for mobile phone shells, mouse covers, tablet cases, laptop cases and power banks. You just need provide your desired pattern, and Yichuang will produce and ship it to you.

  • Raw Material Selection
  • Yichuang could produce casing with customized materials. But generally speaking, our mobile phone shell, tablet protective cover, and Macbook protective cover are made of high quality PC material, TPU material or ABS material.

  • Plastic Mold Design and Manufacture
  • 1. To ensure 100% satisfaction of our customers, Yichuang carefully checks every detail of the plastic mold design supplied by the customer.
    2. We design our products by analyzing the forming technology of products carefully as well as the required amount, cost and other factors.

  • In-Mold Decoration and Water Transfer Printing Process
  • We specialize in custom water transfer mobile phone cases and IMD (in-mold decoration) designs. Each product also undergoes a high quality surface treatment for durability and feel. In addition to mobile phone cases, we also supply covers for tables, laptops, and many other electronic devices. The available surface treatments include gold blocking, rubber oil painting, and UV oil painting. Each provides a beautiful look to the cover. Customers need only provide us with their design patterns and we can complete the custom processing, packaging, and documentation for your casing products.

  • Quality Testing
  • To ensure we only provide customers with the highest quality products, we carry out thorough quality testing processes during production and after. Some of the tests include paint adhesion tests (cross-cut test), alcohol abrasion resistance tests, and hardness tests.

The advantages of water transfer, IMD (In-Mold Decoration):
Using a variety of colors in one process;
More colorful effects and textures
3D effects
Scratch and fade resistant
Long service life.

  • Water transfer mobile phone shell
  • IMD mobile phone shell

How to order the product quickly?
You just need give us your desired image or design. Then we will retouch it and print it on the plastic shell using a four color printing process.

Yichuang will finish sample production within five days according to your desired pattern, and complete the order in twelve days. We will try our best to guarantee efficiency. Quality is our ultimate goal.

The show of some customized products:
  • MacBook case
  • Tablet protective cover
  • Mobile phone case
  • Mouse component

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