Custom Designed Protective Cases & Covers

Shenzhen Yichuang Plastic Manufacturing Co. is a dedicated producer of protective cases for some of the most popular electronic devices in the world. Yichuang produces custom covers for all of your favorite electronics. We supply customers with mobile casings, protective tablet covers, and protective laptop cases for a variety of brands. We operate two advanced production lines- the IMD (in-mold decoration) processing line and the water transfer processing line. The different lines allow for unique decoration options for customers to choose from. Each product is coated with rubber oil or UV oil to add a protective coating and add a lustrous appearance and feeling. Details

  • Custom Made
  • Custom Made

If you are looking for fully customized plastic electronics cases, look no further than Yichuang! We provide a broad range of customization options for you to choose from.
We mainly provide the protective coverings and surface treatment solutions for your electronic products. Available surface treatment processes includes water transferring, in-mold decoration, gold blocking, silver blocking, rubber oil painting and UV oil painting, etc. They are mainly used for mobile phone shells, mouse covers, tablet cases, laptop cases and power banks. You just need provide your desired pattern, and Yichuang will produce and ship it to you.